Common Wood is privately owned with permissive access granted to the public under a set of guidelines designed to protect the wood and visitors. All visitors are welcome to enjoy quiet recreation but are asked to observe these guidelines and any notices that are posted from time to time. Be courteous and friendly to others and always observe the Countryside Code

Keep to designated paths and do not venture off track. This is to protect the flora and fauna.

Litter and Poo bags – take home

Dogs: Keep under control. We share the wood with wild animals so do not allow them chase or hunt. Limit of four dogs per dog-walker. Clear dog poo from paths by flicking well into undergrowth with a stick.

Cyclists Slow down when passing others. Ride at a speed where you can stop quickly. Give an early warning when approaching from behind with a bell or shout ‘Cyclist behind you, passing to Right (Left)’ Be patient.

Foraging requires permission. Firewood collection is not permitted. Do not be offended if challenged as uncontrolled it can cause damage to the ecology.

No fires or barbeques

No motorised vehicles other than those on woodland business.

If you wish to hold an event or use the wood for some activity we ask you contact us at