As we move to Autumn and the mushrooms start to pop up many will want to forage for the countryside bounty. I have to remind people that Common Wood is privately owned and we have a general rule of No Foraging. This is to ensure the ecology of the wood is not damaged by large scale activities. It actually is illegal to collect wild produce and sell on. We would generally accept that a small amount that one can carry in a basin for personal use is acceptable but if we see anyone with baskets or bags they will be asked to stop and leave the wood. If you see or are concerned that there is large scale collecting please contact me so that I can investigate. Pictures help! If people want to collect material please ask first.


Workparty on Tuesday 16th June . Meet in Farther Barn Field at 10.00am. I will open the gate at Gravelly way so people can drive down to the field. Bring gloves and something to dig out wild Parsnips. Brian will bring flasks of hot water, coffee and teabags but bring your own cups please. Social distancing will be observed!